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Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee would like to thank you for visiting the website.  We encourage you to explore this website, and continue to visit as updates will be made regularly.  We need your help and support in managing our assets, maximizing our investment and strengthening our community!

The condition of our school facilities impact teaching and learning.  Over the years funding for public schools maintenance and operations have fluctuated.  Nationwide the overall percentage of school district spending on maintenance and operations declined from 12.75% in 1988 to 7.58% in 2006; it rose to 9.19% in 2007, largely due to rising costs of utilities (Agron 2007).  In 2009 Rockford Public Schools (RPS) estimated $98 million in deferred maintenance backlog. 

The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) will enable the District to provide facilities that meet current and future program needs.







Rockford Public Schools Facilities Master Plan Overview

Rockford Public School District 205 encompasses approximately 165 square miles in Winnebago and Boone counties. It is the third largest school district in Illinois and the largest employer in the Rockford region. The school district serves over 28,000 pre-K to grade 12 students.  The District’s buildings and grounds are community assets where community groups annually use RPS facilities for meetings, events and recreation.
FMP Overview:
In October of 2011, the RPS 205 Board of Education commissioned a detailed physical assessment of its educational facilities.  The objective of the evaluation is to provide the community stakeholders a thorough understanding of the current building conditions of all of the district’s educational facilities.
This study provides a "snapshot" in time of the condition of 46 educational facilities; which consist of 4 high schools, 7 middle schools, 31 elementary schools, 3 early childhood centers and 1 adult education building.  Buildings range in age from 1907-1999.

FMP Process:
The Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee was formed as an advisory group to guide the process.  The Committee provides recommendations to rebuild and renovate district’s facilities into 21st century learning environments while addressing the deteriorated and obsolete physical condition issues. The Committee consists of  representatives from the community including parents, teachers and administrative staff.
The Committee met eight times during the past months.  Members reviewed school district facilities data and toured the facilities to hear from the building staff and experience the spaces firsthand.  In addition, the committee collected feedback and gathered data from the public, students, parents and district employees through surveys and community input meetings, to help guide the recommendations. 10,031 surveys were collected and 12 community meetings were hosted.

The Plan:
This plan is intended to be used as a tool for potential expenditures related to maintenance of, and improvements to, the existing facilities over the next ten years; along with building of several new facilities.  Priority of projects was established based on issues associated with building condition, educational adequacy, accessibility and energy efficiency amongst other issues.
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