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 Rockford Public Schools - Vision/Mission



The Five Readiness Rocks

The Readiness Rocks focus on college and career readiness, the seven periods to success, 21st century learning environments, and preschool and college for all.


  • As part of an effort to push college and career readiness, the district will create benchmarks for success that track the academic progress of students at each grade level. Support systems will be in place to help struggling students, and outreach opportunities, such as career shadowing and dual-credit college programs, will allow students to prepare for life after high school. 
  • Beginning this year, secondary students will be introduced to seven-period school days that expose them to the arts, foreign language classes and advanced courses that will give students a more well-rounded experience. The longer school day will also provide additional time for educators to reach struggling learners.
  • The district is making a commitment to create a 21st century learning environment for students and staff. Board members recently approved the transfer of $10 million to start the district's capital fund. This fall, voters could be asked to approve a bond sale that would allow the district to improve schools and potentially build new ones. Any improvements would be made without a tax increase for homeowners.
  • In the future, all children would have access to the district’s early childhood program, a move that would allow students to begin developing essential learning skills at an earlier age. Dennis Early Childhood Center is re-opened this year, creating additional slots for students to participate in a preschool program that has been identified as one of the best in the state.
  • The College for All Fund would become a resource that students could use, regardless of their economic situation, to pursue higher education. This effort received a significant boost when Judson University made a $1 million commitment to the fund, and Rockford College agreed to contribute $2 million.

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