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Maria Montessori School

4704 North Rockton Avenue, Rockford, IL 61103
(815) 654-4906 | Fax: (815) 654-4909

Montessori Mustangs

We are a Montessori program for grades Pre-Kindergarten (4 year olds) to 7th grade. Maria Montessori School houses pre-kdg. through third grade; Thurgood Marshall School has the fourth through seventh graders.

In the multi-aged Montessori classroom, children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own education. In a prepared environment with a trained Montessori teacher, children may move freely around the room selecting materials needed to carry out the child’s plan. Older children serve as models for younger children; they also reinforce their own skills by demonstrating them to younger children. Students remain with the same teacher for two or three years, thus allowing the development of a strong sense of community with classmates and teacher.


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Principal Susan Erickson

Address 4704 North Rockton Avenue
Rockford, IL 61103

Phone 815-654-4906
Fax 815-654-4909
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