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Below is a brief history of how Roosevelt has grown in the last 30 years.

Storefront opens in the old Canfield Clinic building. During its early days it changed from GED preparation only to a high school diploma program for 16-21 year olds. (Funded by the State of Illinois adult education funds and District 205 monies.)
Second semester Truancy Alternative Program (TAP) for chronic truants opens at Hall School. (Funded by State of Illinois.)
TAP changes to Young Adult Program (YAP)
YAP moves to Turner School
YAP moves to Washington Center.
Storefront moves to Washington Center.
Pre-employment Skills Training Program (PEST) opens at Washington Center. (Funded by Rock River Training Corporation – JTPA)
Storefront, YAP and Education for Employment (EFE previously PEST) merge to become Alternatives at Washington Center. EFE expands to include a two-thirds reading teacher for income eligible students. Pregnant/parenting teens program joins Alternatives. MELD group starts. Eighth grade program starts second semester. (Funding sources: District 205, JTPA, Adult Education)
Articulated high school program for truants/dropouts is in place with flexibility to accommodate students ranging from eighth grade retentions to GED students up to age 21. Full-time reading teacher for EFE students is added. Second semester career program begins cooperating with local businesses.
Increased requirements (add 8 PE credits); increased length of student day from 3 to 5 periods. Program moved to Wilson.
EFE funding dropped. District funds 3 teachers to cover EFE functions.
$300,000 budget cut eliminates 5 teachers and program coordinator. EFE returns with 3.4 teachers. Credit status realigned – 37 Credits, no PE needed to graduate. (Funding sources: District 205, Adult Education, Rock River Training.)
All programs moved to Roosevelt. Infant care added in Spring. Roosevelt Renovation (CRO) to find a permanent location for Alternative High School and Adult Ed services.
Computer lab/teacher added, graphics lab/teacher added. 1 period of art added, child development and parent classes/teacher added, assistant principal added. EFE dropped. (Funding: Adult Education, District 205 Tort monies.)
PE, special Ed. And GED teachers added, half-time social work and full-time counselor added, three-fifths social worker added, half-time nurse added, assistant principal added.
Counselor reduced to half-time.
Middle school for repeaters added (4 new teachers) at end of Sept.; lose assistant principal, add full-time counselor. (Funding for day care through Even Start grant, other funding from Adult Education and District 205 tort monies.)
Middle school component dropped.
Advantage I & II programs begin (6 full-time teachers), part-time assistant principal added.
School day lengthens to 14 periods to accommodate new programs.
Programs housed at Roosevelt now include: Alternative High School, Advantage I, Advantage II, Advantage IV, Adult GED, High School GED, Opportunities, YAP, Evening High School/Credit Recovery, Summer High School, Even Start, Early Childhood, and Special Education Vocation.
2007-08 Creation of "Wanda's Garden" to commemorate Wanda Hill, expansion of YAP and Opportunities Programs
2008-09 ​Further expansion of YAP and Opportunities, building renovation and Library restoration
2009-10 ​Restoration of Children's Library and Parent's Room, Start WOW program
2010-11 ​Continued expansion of YAP, cafeteria expansion, Gross Motor Development Room, establishment of fine arts wing, creation of 2 new computer labs (currently in progress)
Information compiled by Bill Donovan.


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