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 Board of Education


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 Mailing Address:​

RPS205 Administration Building
Attn: Members of the Board
​501 7th Street
​Rockford, IL 61104-1221

Administrative Contact

Laura Fromm, Executive Assistant,
Recording Secretary to the Board  of Education
Superintendent's Office
(815) 966-3101
OMA Training Completed 12.28.2012

Electronic Board Packets:

President of the Board:

Kenneth J. Scrivano, Subdistrict C
(815) 871-6683

OMA Training Completed 09.23.2012

Jude Makulec Photo.jpg

Vice President of the Board:

Jude Makulec, Subdistrict D
Education Committee Chairperson

(815) 633-6818
OMA Training Completed 12.30.2012

​ Lisa Jackson Photo.jpg

Secretary of the Board:

Lisa Jackson, Subdistrict A
Operations Committee Member

(815) 375-0175
OMA Training Completed 09.19.2012



Member of the Board:

Tim Rollins, Subdistrict B
Operations Committee Chairperson

(815) 987-8910
OMA Training Completed 09.11.2012


Member of the Board: 

Michael Harner, Subdistrict E
Education Committee Member

(815) 980-5611
OMA Training Completed

Member of the Board:

Michael Connor, Subdistrict F
Operations Committee Members
​(815) 505-7809
OMA Training Completed 05.10.13

Laura Powers Photo.jpg

Member of the Board:

Laura Powers, Subdistrict G
Education Committee Member

​(815) 874-3446
OMA Training Completed 03.12.2013 



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